Icom VHF AIS IC-M506
  • Icom VHF AIS IC-M506


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IC-M510E VHF/DSC Marine Radio (AIS Receiver Version)

In addition to the IC-M510E VHF/DSC VHF marine radio that comes with our Smartphone Control, the new AIS version provides users with the ability to receive AIS and see surrounding vessel traffic in real-time whilst also being able to make individual DSC calls to other selected boats.

Radio Control & Intercom Via Your Smartphone
Use the RS-M500 app (for iOS™/Android™) to remotely control the IC-M510E through WLAN. Up to three smartphones can be used as a wireless microphone or remote controller in substitute for the COMMANDMIC™. Intercom function between your smartphone and the radio is also available.

Integrated AIS Receiver With its integrated AIS receiver* or external NMEA sentence (third party AIS receiver, transponder), the IC-M510E can show real-time AIS vessel traffic information on the display. You can directly make an individual DSC call to selected AIS targets from the AIS screen.

Stylish, Sleek Design
The IC-M510E is slim (depth: 71.2 mm; 2.8 in) and easy to install in your boat. Its all-new sleek design is suitable for either panel or trunnion mounting.

Wide Viewing Angle Colour TFT LCD
The colour TFT LCD provides nearly a 180-degree viewing angle. The wide display has high-resolution characters and function icons. The night mode screen ensures good readability in low light conditions.

Simplified Navigation Function
The Navigation function guides you to a specified waypoint or AIS target. You can assign up to 100 destinations as waypoints.

Provides Clear, Loud Audio
The IC-M510E’s internal speaker enhances the received audio. The waterproof speaker provides superior sound quality with a wide frequency range for powerful, clear audio.

Interface Box for NMEA 2000™ and Hailer
The optional CT-M500 wireless interface box provides NMEA 2000 connectivity and Hailer/PA feature. The CT-M500 and the radio can be connected through WLAN.

And more
• NMEA 0183/-HS connectivity
• Integrated GNSS receiver (GPS antenna is switchable between internal and external)
• IP68 advanced waterproofing (1 m depth of water for 60 minutes)
• Automatic Foghorn function
• Optional UT-112A voice scrambler
• AquaQuake prevents audio degradation from a water-logged speaker
• Supplied HM-205RB speaker microphone can be connected to the rear panel
• External speaker connection
• Controlled by HM-195GB COMMANDMIC
• Supports 4-digit channels


Frequency range Tx 156.025–157.425MHz
Rx 156.050–163.275MHz
CH70 156.525MHz
AIS1, 2 161.975, 162.025MHz
Usable channels USA, CAN, INT, WX channels
Type of emission 16K0G3E (FM), 16K0G2B (DSC)
Power supply requirement 13.8V DC (11.7–15.9V DC)
Current drain Tx 25W output 5.5A
(at 13.8V DC) Rx AF Max External SP 5.0A (RX hailer ON)
  Internal SP 1.5A
Operating temperature range ?20°C to +60°C;
?4°F to +140°F
Antenna impedance 50? (SO-239)
Dimensions (W×H×D) 178.9×113.9×113.8 mm;
(Projections not included) 7.04×4.48×4.48 in
Weight (approx.) 1400g; 3.09lb




Output power (at 13.8V DC) 25W, 1W
Max. frequency deviation ±5.0kHz
Frequency tolerance ±10ppm
Spurious emissions Less than ?70dBc (at 25W)
Residual modulation More than 40dB
Adjacent channel power More than 70dB




Intermediate frequency 1st 30.15MHz, 2nd 450kHz
CH70 1st 21.7MHz, 2nd 450kHz
Sensitivity (at 12dB SINAD) 0.22?V typical
Adjacent channel More than 75dB
selectivity CH70 (1% BER) More than 73dB? emf
Spurious response More than 75dB
CH70 (1% BER) More than 73dB? emf
Intermodulation More than 75dB
CH70 (1% BER) More than 68dB? emf
Hum and noise More than 40dB
Audio output power More than 15W with a 4?
(at 10% distortion) RX speaker

Applicable U.S. Military Specifications

Icom makes rugged products that have been tested to and passed the following MIL-STD requirements and strict environmental standards.
Standard MIL-810 G
Method, Proc.
Low Pressure Storage 500.5 I
Low Pressure Operation 500.5 II
High Temperature Storage 501.5 I
High Temperature Operation 501.5 II
Low Temperature Storage 502.5 I
Low Temperature Operation 502.5 II
Temperature Shock 503.5 I-C
Solar Radiation 505.5 I
Rain Blowing 506.5 I
Humidity 507.5 II
Salt Fog 509.5
Dust Blowing 510.5 I
Water Immersion 512.5 I
Vibration 514.6 I
Shock Functional 516.6 I
Shock Transit Drop 516.6 IV
Also meets equicalent MIL-STD-810-C, -D, -E and -F. 
Applicable IP Rating and environmental test.
Ingress Protection Standard
Water IPX8 (1m depth water for 60 minutes)
  • Hand hanger
  • DC power cable
  • Mounting bracket kit